Alphanam was founded in 1995 and quickly became Vietnam's leading M&E contractor. 

For the past decades, Alphanam has been present in every province of Vietnam. 

1995 / 2000

Construction contractor, Electro mechanics, Trading

2001 / 2005

Industrial manufacturing

2006 / 2010

Financial investment, M&A

2011 / 2015

Real Estate investment

2016 / 2020


Hospitality management


For the first ten years since the company’s foundation, Alphanam focused on manufacturing and construction. With factories from North to South Vietnam, they were involved in many industries, such as: infrastructure, water treatment, electrical engineering, production and installation of elevators, paints and PP, PE packaging. Their main strategy is to cooperate with the world's leading brands to provide products with international standards and quality that are manufactured in Vietnam.

To honor Alphanam’s achievements and contributions to the development of Vietnam, in 2005 the President of Vietnam awarded the Third-Class Labor Medal to Alphanam for its 10th anniversary.


Alphanam propelled forward with its involvement in the financial sector. M&A activities created the foundation for further developments while industrial manufacturing remained at the core of Alphanam’s operations.

In this period, the “Alphanam” name firmly resonated in the market and its recognition as a leading enterprise of Vietnam was earned, as well as the Second-Class Labor Medal.


20 years of experience in construction, manufacturing and installation paved way for Alphanam to partner with the world's leading groups. A series of prestigious real estate projects across Vietnam started in Lao Cai, Hanoi, Binh Dinh, Danang, Ho Chi Minh and An Giang, as well as others. Alphanam entered the real estate sector with a firm foothold.

2016 to Present

Through professional staff and a vast number of subsidiaries across the country, complimented by strong relationships with partners and customers, Alphanam continues to conquer the fields they are in.

Alphanam continues to grow and develop through optimal use of Vietnam's untapped potential. With a culture aimed at human development and a vision fostering social and educational projects for a sustainable development, Alphanam affirms its strong positions as a leading enterprise in the competitive markets of Vietnam.


Alphanam is recognized for the contribution towards the growth of Vietnam and the society through many awards.

Red Star Award for the Most Excellent Entrepreneur of Vietnam (1999)

Vietnam Gold Star Award (2003)

Third Degree Labor Medal awarded by the Prime Minister (2005)

Second Degree Labor Medal awarded by the Prime Minister (2010)

Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Finance for the Outstanding Fulfillment of Tax Obligations

Certificates of Merit from the Labor Union

Third Degree Labor Medal awarded for Chairman Nguyen Tuan Hai

Certificate of Merit awarded by the Prime Minister for Excellent Organization

Medal for Youth Development

Several Golden Cups for Brand and Trademark

And others.


Continuously striving to become the leader in the fields we are in. Always aiming at sustainable development for the highest benefit of Alphanam, as well as of the society.



Our most valuable asset and the core strength of Alphanam.

Solidarity and dedication are our principle values.


The result of our creativity and effort - our image.

We are determined to provide the best products and services, at the most competitive price.


We measure perfection through the appreciation of our products by our customers.


Alphanam attaches great importance to our principles in the implementation of products & services. 

As a developer, we lay the foundation for enhancing the quality of life of the communities we touch.

High standards are set for ourselves and for our partners . 


To meet the expectations of customers, Alphanam continuously strives to reach perfection in products carrying the brand name “Alphanam”.


Our customers’ interests are always in our thoughts and actions.


Alphanam works with mutual trust and respect, respecting the diversity of the individual and the identity of each locality.


Alphanam maintains mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with our distributors, partners, suppliers and other organizations. 


The requirements of behaving in a cultured and responsible manner towards oneself and the company, they are crucial elements to grow and co-exist.


Alphanam attaches great importance to our principles in the implementation of products & services. High standards are set for ourselves and for our partners. Together with our partners, we strive to achieve the highest level of quality.