Founded and managed by Ms. Nguyễn Ngọc Mỹ, board member of Alphanam Group, Alphanam Green Foundation is aiming at inspiring initiatives of environmental protection and social development for building cleaner cities.

The focus of the foundation lies on achieving strong connections with local youth to carry out practical programs for environmental protection and quality of life improvements. Activities of Alphanam Green Foundation include sponsorship, promoting social projects and encouraging the spirit of protecting the environment at the same time.


The funding is done through project proposals, these proposals get vetted both internally as well as externally through a voting round and the ones with the strongest impact are funded by Alphanam, monthly. Youth organizations, students and the public can apply for sponsorship.

In 2017, Golden City An Giang committed to sponsor 3 billion VND for 3 years (1 billion per year) to support creative and potential projects for creating sustainable development in the An Giang Province.


A wide range of forums, events and conferences have been organized by Alphanam Green Foundation with the aim of raising locals’ awareness towards environmental pollution and sustainable development issues.

Alphanam Green Foundation is making great efforts to build a cleaner and greener city. The city of An Giang is selected as a pioneer, with the hope of changing every local’s perspective and for it to become a model city for solving environmentally related issues in the Mekong Delta.


If you are inspired by what we are trying to achieve, follow us on Facebook to see when an opportunity will arise for you to join in and help us.

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